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After working more than twenty-five years as an electronic technician, a fifty-year-old man became totally disabled and unable to work as a result of multiple medical conditions. Fortunately, or so he thought, he had the foresight to buy a credit disability insurance policy to protect himself and his family if he were to become disabled and couldn’t make payments on a home equity loan. Sadly, the insurance company distorted the plain language of his insurance policy and denied his claim. The lawyers at Luckenbill Law Group fought the insurance company for nearly four years and, on the eve of trial, the insurance company finally relented and agreed to pay nearly $1,000,000.00, a huge victory in light of the fact that the total due on the loan was $48,000.00.

A young family returned from their annual summer vacation to learn, to their horror, that their home and all of their per­sonal belongings had been destroyed in a fire. Despite the fact that their homeowner’s insurance company knew that the family had nothing more than the contents of their luggage, it delayed and paid them absolutely nothing for close to a year and failed altogether to assist or guide the family in making the claim. The insurance company ultimately paid the full policy limits to replace the house and its contents, but Luckenbill Law Group was able to procure a settlement of an additional $650,000.00 to settle the pending bad faith case the firm filed against the insurance company.

Like most of us, two dairy farmers sought and relied upon the expertise of an insurance agent to recommend the appro­priate type and amount of insurance to cover the dairy farm, which they owned and operated for more than thirty years. The insurance agent visited the farm to evaluate the property and equipment, but for some reason grossly undervalued

and miscalculated the amount of insurance necessary to protect the dairy barn. The parent insurance company later became aware that the dairy farmers did not have enough insurance coverage but took no action to remedy the situa­tion. Then, after suffering the total loss of their barn and dairy equipment, the insurance company only agreed to pay the face amount of the policy despite knowing it was the insurance company’s fault that the farmers did not have the proper insurance policy to cover their loss and rebuild and resume dairy farming. The attorneys at Luckenbill Law Group filed a breach of contract and insurance bad faith case against the insurance company and the insurance company’s agent successfully obtained a settlement in excess of $1.5 million dollars for the dairy farmers.

The lawyers of Luckenbill Law Group obtained an $800,000 settlement for the estate of a Lackawanna County woman when her homeowner’s insurance company refused to pay her fire loss claim when the woman’s family residence was lost to a fire. Despite her cooperation with her homeowner’s insurance company, the insurance company wrongfully delayed paying her claim causing physical harm, emotional distress and financial ruin. Luckenbill Law Group made the insurance company pay nearly ten times the amount of the original claim because of its bad faith handling of the claim.

When the tools of a Nicholson’s woman’s late husband valued at $24,000 were stolen from her garage, she made a claim to her homeowners insurance company to reimburse her for the value of the tools. Her insurance company refused to pay her claim. Luckenbill Law Group obtained a settlement in excess of $300,000 for the Nicholson woman for the insurance company’s bad faith refusal to pay the covered loss.

A Scranton man borrowed money from a bank and wisely opted for a credit disability policy in the event that a physical disability prevented him from repaying the loan in a timely manner. After receiving the loan and paying premiums for the credit disability insurance, the man became totally disabled as a result of a serious injury. In spite of overwhelming inde­pendent medical evidence that the Scranton man was totally disabled, the credit disability insurance company refused to pay the remaining balance of the loan which was less than $3000. Luckenbill Law Group obtained a $125,000 settle­ment on behalf of the Scranton man against the insurance company for its bad faith refusal to pay his credit disability claim.

Luckenbill Law Group has been successful in obtaining settlements and verdicts for their clients in cases involving the following insurance companies:

  • Allstate
  • Atlantic States
  • American Western Home
  • CUNA
  • Donegal Mutual
  • Erie
  • Encompass
  • Hartford
  • Juniata Mutual
  • Kemper
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Life Insurance Company of North America
  • Lumbermen’s Mutual
  • Met Life
  • Nationwide
  • New York Life
  • Northern Insurance Company of New York
  • Paul Revere
  • Progressive
  • Provident
  • Prudential
  • Safe Auto
  • Selective Insurance
  • Specialty National
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • UNUM
  • USAA

Don’t leave it to chance, Luckenbill Law Group will fight the insurance companies and get you the justice you deserve.